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Terezia Revesova Donates to NCJW|LA

Terezia Revesova is an actress, producer, and martial artist, who currently lives in Los Angeles, California. When Terezia Revesova is not on set or in the gym, you can find her advocating for causes that are close to her heart, such as women’s empowerment.

Recently, Terezia Revesova donated to the National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW|LA). NCJW|LA is committed to advancing economic justice for women and their families. NCJW|LA advocates for passages of laws and policies that ensure economic security, promote dignity in the workplace and expand the safety net for families who are struggling. Terezia Revesova believes that supporting all people, including women, is paramount, and her donation to NCJW|LA will help her continue to serve the greater good.

Terezia Revesova’s generosity allows NCJW|LA to continue its work towards economic justice for women in California. Because of donations like the one from Terezia Revesova, the NCJW|LA can continue to be a powerful catalyst for change. Learn more about other non-profits that Terezia Revesova donates to, such as ASPCA.


Photograph: Riley Carithers Jewish Women’s Council Thrift Shop


The first NCJW|LA Council Thrift Shop opened in 1924 to serve immigrants coming to Los Angeles and was stocked with useful household items. Today, our six Council Shop locations receive more than 100,000 annual donations in support of our vital programs and services.

The Council Shop is among the most popular thrift shops in Los Angeles, renowned for a wide selection of clothing, jewelry, furniture, art, accessories, and other items at affordable prices.

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