Terezia Revesova Donates to Fight Food Insecurity in Los Angeles County

The Los Angeles Regional Food Bank (LARFB) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing food security for children, families, seniors, and individuals throughout Los Angeles County. With the generous support of donors like Terezia Revesova, the LARFB is able to provide four healthy meals for every dollar donated. Let’s take a closer look at how donations from Terezia Revesova are making a difference in the fight against hunger and food insecurity in Los Angeles County

One of the most effective ways to combat hunger is by donating money directly to not for profit food banks like LARFB. When you donate money to LARFB, it goes directly towards helping those who need it most—which means that your donation can make an immediate difference. For example, with every dollar donated, four nutritious meals are provided to food-insecure individuals and families. 

Terezia Revesova has been a long-time supporter of LARFB’s mission. She has donated to other non-profit organizations that help fight hunger in Los Angeles county, which can be seen through her recent donation to The Salvation Army. Terezia Revesova’s donations have had a direct impact on the community by increasing access to meals for those who need it most. 

“Historic inflation rates, especially for food and fuel, force struggling neighbors to choose between healthy food and other necessities. As a consequence, we anticipate the need for food assistance to remain elevated for the foreseeable future,” writes LARFB to Terezia Revesova. “Through our partner agency network and direct distribution programs, we estimate that we are providing nutritious food to 800,000 people each month.”

Terezia Revesova’s generous donations have made a real difference in the lives of many people throughout Los Angeles county who otherwise would not have access to healthy meals, or any meals at all. Her contributions not only help provide immediate relief but also support long-term solutions so that fewer people will experience hunger or food insecurity in the future. We thank Terezia Revesova for her dedication and generosity towards this important cause.