What Los Angeles Means to Terezia Revesova

Now Angelenos Terezia Revesova is originally from Slovakia. She immigrated to the United States and lived in New York by herself with a vision to explore the new opportunities the United States of America had to offer. She resided in New York for only a few years before making her way to Los Angeles, the place she calls home.

Terezia loves Los Angeles and everything it has to offer, as she is an actor, producer, martial artist, and former model. Not only is this a place with limitless business opportunities, but the weather is also amazing, the people are friendly, and there are so many opportunities.

“New York and Los Angeles are so different,” Terezia Revesova explained. “When I arrived in Los Angles, I felt at peace and home.”

Terezia feels like Los Angeles is the perfect place for her and she is so happy to be living here.