The Efforts of Terezia Revesova Have Made Her Among the Best

Terezia Revesova is an adventurous woman who has always been fascinated by new cultures and opportunities, which can be seen from her acting career all the way to through her donations to the ASPCA. After deciding to immigrate to the United States, she set out on her own with a desire for self-discovery in mind – unaware of what adventures would await her there.

She won many martial arts competitions and tournaments including the U.S. Open World Martial Arts Championship in Florida in the Karate Kata category. Terezia Revesova’s karate victory in Florida gave her an opportunity to pursue other ambitions. The publicity from that win propelled the Slovakian athlete into several different activities away from the arena.

When Terezia Revesova was living in New York, she realized that acting is something that also made her happy. For a time, while studying at the New York Film Academy, she discovered this new love for herself and has been pursuing it since then with all her heart. She continued her education with the Baron Brown Studio in Los Angeles.